Biphobia: Invalidating People’s Identities Is Never OK

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J. Michael Bailey. Oh, he’s such a joy.

Bisexuals have lambasted him for showing that true bisexuality in men is actually quite rare.

Bisexuals have “lambasted” him for invalidating their identities. He claims to have objective knowledge of intersubjective experiences of attraction, as if phallic arousal represents all attraction. His research has a number of methodological flaws which I won’t waste my time getting into here, but the point is that he invalidates bisexual people’s identities on the basis of “raw objective science” as if science isn’t a domain of power by which minorities populations are subjugated, their experiences poked, prodded and invalidated. Science is not a neutral zone where we can find “rational truth”, it’s something created by ideology and power.

Gay people have maligned him for his philosophical stance that if it is “OK” for parents to use genetic screening or manipulation to effect a non-critical trait such as eye or hair color, then it is equality “OK” to select for the equally non-critical trait of sexual orientation  (meaning that Bailey sees gay or straight as equally valuable and acceptable outcomes in children), falsely accusing Bailey of supporting anti-gay genocide (ummmm… no… he equally supported chosing FOR being gay… as they were morally the same).

Here is where Brown misrepresents the opposition to Bailey’s position. Gay people oppose his position specifically because it enables a heterosexist homophobic society to erase gay people by eugenics. It allows society to prevent gay people from being born in the first place, to fuck with genetics, to screw up our sexualities. By equivocating the support of the choice to prevent gay sexuality from developing to the support of the choice to prevent straight sexuality from developing, Brown assumes that gay and straight are mutable and interchangeable categories with identical perspectives and histories. But we’ve seen that the socially produced power dynamics between straight and non-straight people create a privileging of heterosexual opinions that would intrinsically erase gay people. It is not possible to support “genetic screening” for sexuality without supporting the effect: religious homophobes genetically modifying children’s sexualities to prevent q\er children from being born. There is virtually nobody that would modify a fetus’ sexuality to be non-heterosexual. By allowing the non-heterosexual population to be systemically eliminated, Bailey’s position would reproduce societal cisheterosexism, and as such his position is indistinguishable from generic anti-gay positions.