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Do Blanchardians Have Good Intentions?

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Following the rule of every headline has an answer of no, I’m going to argue that they don’t.

Blanchard, Bailey, & Lawrence… just listing them evokes waves of antipathy in the transgender communities, especially among late transitioning transwomen.  Ask many of them and you will be told that these three are hateful transphobes… in spite of copious evidence to the contrary.  But why?

There is actually like an enormous amount of evidence that Blanchard is a transphobe, so much that I’d argue it’s undeniable. The other two I can possibly see twisted reasoning as to why they’re not transphobes.


There’s a good article that summarizes how he views trans women from Andrea James’ website here.

“Not only do they see us as men, but they also consider transsexual women to be liars, guilty of “systematic distortion.” Below is an abstract from a Blanchard paper (when Blanchard says “heterosexual” and uses male pronouns, he means transsexual women attracted to women):”

The tendency for a heterosexual subject to describe himself in terms of moral excellence or admirable personal qualities was significantly correlated with scores in the ‘transsexual’ direction on all eight sexological measures; for the homosexual subjects, only one correlation was significant. [… It] is possible that the differences in the histories produced by transvestites and heterosexual transsexuals are exaggerated to an unknown degree by the motivation of the latter to obtain approval for this operation. The findings do not diminish the important distinction between these groups, but they do suggest caution in interpreting the self-report data that have been used in comparing them.

He also called postoperative trans women “men without penises”;

” Toronto psychologist Ray Blanchard, one of Canada’s leading — and most controversial — gender experts, argues the transgendered movement is rife with delusion. “This is not waving a magic wand and a man becomes a woman and vice versa,” he says. “It’s something that has to be taken very seriously. A man without a penis has certain disadvantages in this world, and this is in reality what you’re creating.”

He also regularly retweets transphobic and TERF content; for example this recent retweet stating that trans women are not women. And his retweet of 4th Wave Now. And his retweet of Transgender Trend. And several TERFs.

I’ll probably go into Bailey and Lawrence at another date.

A recent paper (Hannikainen 2018) explores the issue of lay people conflating the results of science research with the scientist’s ideology.  The study showed that there is a tendency to ascribe motivation “to prove” an hypotheses rather than simply to test one.  Further, this tendency, this effect, was more pronounced if the results, the data, were disagreeable to the individual evaluating the scientist by his results.

Here’s the issue. There are scientists who attempt to prove their hypotheses rather than test them. And I’d argue Anne Lawrence is probably the epitome of this type of scientist. Every single paper that is released on transgender individuals and their sexualities, she’s comments on it, “reinterprets it” (read: twists, ignores and lies about) and comes to the conclusion that every study that criticizes the Blanchardianist typology (most notably Nuttbrock et alsupports it. When new data showing that Blanchard’s claims are false, she does the same thing.